Two Classic Albums – CD


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The Grand Tour

  1. The Grand Tour
  2. Darlin
  3. Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through)
  4. She’ll Love The One She’s With
  5. Once You’ve Had The Best
  6. The Weatherman
  7. Borrowed Angel
  8. She Told Me So
  9. Mary Don’t Go ‘Round
  10. Who Will I Be Loving Now
  11. Our Private Life

Alone Again

  1. A Drunk Can’t Be A Man
  2. Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me
  3. Stand On My Own Two Knees
  4. You’re The Best Living
  5. Over Something Good
  6. Her Name Is….
  7. I’m All She’s Got
  8. She Needs Me
  9. Right Now I’d Come Back And Melt In Her Arms
  10. Diary Of My Mind